New Issue #12

Issue No 12 COVER

Wow, what a pleasure it was to produce Issue No. 12!

First up – the feature on Tostan. It was so lovely to work with the staff who helped us to put the feature together. Everyone worked so nicely together.

And then the feature itself – an interview with Molly Melching , the founder and Chief Executive of Tostan was very inspirational too. We love love love the community led development approach that Tostan utilizes in its outreach programmes.  It was such a privilege to interview Molly.

The issue also includes a feature filled with hope and encouragement for women who have walked or are walking through the pathways of infertility, from women who have been there. Their encouragement is honest and transparent.

You’ll also find a recipe filled with fiber, vitamin C, calcium, protein and all things healthy! Easy to make too!

“Seasons in the journey of Life” – is filled with insight and wisdom and strength.  So is “Miracles Happen Here”. If you’re weary, tired , discouraged or just a little bit unsure about stepping out in faith,  then these are must reads for you.

There are also features on Alabama the Beautiful – find out why it is called that name; fitness; fashion and food (Oh, we’ve mentioned food already :) )

The issue ends with an all important question.

Without further ado, this is  Jasmine’s Place – Issue No. 12





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