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Jasmine’s Place – Contents

Inspirational –  At Jasmine’s Place, we love to tell the stories of women who have overcome difficult situations. Stories which serve as encouragement to readers, through which they can see that though life can be tough, though they may have troubles, trials and tribulations, there can be victory, healing and restoration.

Community – This section highlights global issues around the world where action is required to meet needs, and alleviate suffering. These are key features of the magazine.

Style and BeautyWomen love to dress beautifully, look and smell beautiful. This section features great styling and beauty tips.

Healthy Eating – Healthy food nourishes the body, so physically we can be the best we can be.  You’ll find great healthy recipes in this section.

Flowers for Mama – This section provides helpful information and practical advice for mothers.

Features – In addition to the regular features listed above, the magazine also features inspirational articles, interviews and practical business advice.

Click on the drop down button for brief introductions to some of the issues published.

If you have any ideas for features or would like to contribute an article or story, feel free to get in touch with the editor at  Thank you!

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