A collection of services from Jasmine’s Place. 

1. Magazine layout and design

Will you like to publish an online magazine? Then this service is for you. Provide your articles and pictures, and we can put them all  together in a beautiful publication for you on Joomag, the digital publishing platform on which Jasmine’s Place is published.

Joomag is a great service to use as it preserves the experience of reading a print publication. It’s sleek, seamless and is perfect for presenting your ideas, services or goods.

A joomag publication is easily embedded and fully viewable in an e-mail, in a news letter, your website and on social media.  It can also be updated very easily even after publication. You can even choose which pages to share the publication  from.

We have published 20 issues of Jasmine’s Place on Joomag. Take a look at the type of work we can do for you on our profile page on Joomag.

Just click on any cover image here to view that issue.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any proposals. Thank you

2.  Christian fiction

Have you listened to any of the stories in our miniseries? Would you like something more specific for your audience?

Each installment will be a short focused snapshot that expresses the emotions, settings and mood of the particular story you’ll want to illustrate.

Short, and to the point, you can use each installment to start a conversation, break the ice, focus attention on an issue, bring a topic to life, and engage an audience.

They are great entry points into fuller, rounder one-to-one or corporate conversations, and could be longer if you wish.

Get a taster here.

Your custom service

Do you require some other service that you think we could help you with? Then, please get in touch.

Just fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

Thank you.

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