Jasmine’s Place – Issue No. 18 is out!

It’s such a pleasure to welcome you to Jasmine’s Place, Issue No. 18!

With a summer slant as that wonderful season is almost upon us, you’ll find inspirational stories of women who God has taken from despair and pain to freedom and life. Stories that affirm that God does give beauty for ashes. You’ll travel to the beautiful Adirondacks and find out what it is that makes them a go-to destination for many. You’ll also find great style, learn how to convert your everyday meals into healthier ones, get some great ideas for savings for summer and great parenting advice.

With inspiring verses, articles, fun moments, all features are encouraging and wholesome. It’s been great working with all the contributors. Hope you find the issue inspiring. It would be great to hear your feedback. Do remember to share it with your family and friends. The issue is viewable in all formats and all mobile devices, so, it’s very easy to share.

Don’t forget to leave some feedback in the handy form at the end of the magazine.

Without further ado, enjoy your Issue No 18!

Image: Colorful Beach Huts at Muizenberg Beach, South Africa -https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Muizenberg_Beach_Huts.JPG

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