Jasmine’s Place – Issue No. 13 is out!

It’s so nice to welcome you to Jasmine’s Place, Issue No. 13!

Autumn is here, with its rich tapestry of colour, beauty and cool crisp air.

Jasmines Place is two years old, a very full two years! We’ve been privileged to feature the work of great charities from all over the world, tasty recipes, business tips, fashion and beauty advice, plus great interviews and lifestyle ideas.

We’ve also been honoured to feature honest, transparent, articles from writers who’ve put their hearts into sharing their challenges and battles, and the victories, freedom, wisdom and hope God has given them through Jesus Christ.

Within this issue, you’ll find positive confessions, inspiring thoughts and prayers derived from those inspirational features to apply to your own life’s situations, with a reference to the original article at the end of each feature. Each reference is a clickable link that opens in a new window and takes you to the issue in which the original article is featured for further reading.

Without further ado, this is Jasmine’s Place, Issue No.13.

Beautiful woman – this is for you.

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