Maisy Likes Driving

She’s such a plucky little mouse! She’s bold! She’s courageous!

Here she is in this delightfully shaped and sized book driving all sorts of vehicles. A car (brmmm! brmmm!), a train (toot! toot!), a tractor (chug! chug!), a fire-engine (nee-nah! nee-nah!), a plane (vroom! vroom!), a tricycle (rattle squeak! rattle squeak!) and a bus.

The size and shape of this book is perfect for little hands and imaginations and your little ones will love the sounds of the vehicles.

Of course, the bold and bright illustrations provide plenty to talk about as well.

Excuse us as we scoot off to ask Maisy whether she can take us for a ride in her plane. Vroom!!! Vroom!!!

By Lucy Cousins

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