Magazine: Contributors

Issue 1: Amy Michelle Wiley, Pam Ford Davis and Helen M Dowd.

Issue 2: Sherrie Coronas, Michele Fleming, Lily Rose, Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani , Joanna Faillace and Marilyn Schnepp.

Issue 3: Pam Ford Davis, Julie Arduini, Unami Magwenzi and Ruth O’ Reilly.

Issue 4: Julie Arduini, DebraBee, Unami Magwenzi, Diane Cunningham, Marijo Phelps, Diane Dean White and Joanna Faillace.

Issue 5: Julie Arduini, Pam Ford-Davis, Jacqueline Ani, Lynnae Bussell, Michael J Darracott, Courtenay Bowser, Jaime Scott,  Mark Gregston, Michel Fleming, Rev. Frank Sherburn and Rachel Hall-Smith.

Issue 6: Jackie R. Seaman, Amy Michelle Wiley, Sarah Nelson, Karen Allen, Michael J Darracott, Bryan Duncan, Julie Arduini, Nastassja Peterson, Sade Edokpayi and Debra Bee.

Posters – theme: Julie Arduini.

Issue 7. Nadia Wellington, Janelle Nehrenz, Julianah Omage Olutimayin, Sheryl Griffin, Lindsey Herzog, Julie Arduini, Anna Queseda, Rebecca Reed, Carey Scott, Matilda Morton and Marijo Phelps.

Proof reading and cover advice: Abi Otunba-Bada (Apex Education (UK) Ltd).

Issue 8. Diane Dean White,  Julie Arduini, Oluyinka Owolabi, CAP UK, Mike Darracott, Matilda Morton, Rachel Hall-Smith, Aloted Omoba, Rebecca Reed, Ssuzanne, Lori Dixon, Created, Debra Bee, Marijo Phelps and Pam Ford Davis.

Proof reading, content and design advice: Abi Otunba-Bada (Apex Education (UK) Ltd).

Issue 9. Cheryl Thomas, Janelle Herzog, Marion Ayonote, Anna Queseda, Ramona Hirschi, Olivia Howard, Funke Oham, Chef Mike Darracott, Julie Arduini, Sade Edokapyi and Joanne Sher.

Assistance with Standfirsts: Julie Arduini.

Issue 10. Frank Sherburn, Caitlin Wilson, Families First (Rin Hamburgh), Forces Support, Julie Arduini, Beverly Smith, Sarah Nelson, Aloted Omoba, Chef Mike Darracott and Roger Knight.

Assistance with Standfirsts: Julie Arduini.

Issue 11.  Cortney O’ Brien, Julie Arduini, Created Gifts, Janelle Nehrenz, Premier Christian Radio, Katie Martinez of Elegantees, Lynnae Bussell, CD Swanson,  Heather Riggleman, Pam Ford Davis and Wynter Pitts (R.I.P).

Cover: Lara Osho.

Issue 12. Joanna Faillace, Lillian Rhoades, Michele Fleming, Paula Mowery, Elizabeth Maddrey, Donna Winters, Julie Arduini, Kym McNabney, Laurette Willis, Jennifer Prah, Jan Thomas, Marijo Phelps, Little Trove and Debra Bee.

Help with magazine overview for publishing site: Marijo Phelps.

Issue 13. Special compilation  issue

Issue 14. Julie Arduini, Chef Mike Darracott, Aity Dennis, Mary L Ball, M and M Hats and Accessories, Prison Fellowship, Abi Bada, Elegantees, Rhonda McKnight, Debra Bee, Joanna Faillace, Little Trove, Women International Fellowship, Diane Dean White, Morenike Edokpayi and Dawn Trimble.

Welcome picture: Marijo Phelps.

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees – providing hope to overcomers of sex trafficking with positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image and confidence.

Issue 15. Staff members at Puresa Humanitarian, Restored Relationships, Love a Child, World Vision, Life of a Single Moms Ministries, Christians Against Poverty, GiveaSmile, Forces Support, Women International Fellowship, as well as Jaime Scott and Julie Arduini.

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees.

Cover design advice: Abi Bada, Julie Arduini and Diane Dean White.

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees.

Issue 16. Amy Glover, Joanna Faillace, God’s Grace Foundation, CD Swanson, Tracey Ikpema-Sokoya, Bumni Banwo, Christy Pearce, Dawn Trimble, M&M Hats and Fascinators and Elegantees.

Proofreading, content and design critique: Laverne Hadaway – (

Content contributor and design critique: Kelly Basham.

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees.

Issue 17. Jasmine Rennie (Grace Made), Julie Arduini, Traid Craft, Richmond Holidays, Haley Pridgen, Lareina Morgan, Miesha Morinere, Rebecca Reed, Joanna Faillace, Bebe Clement, Marijo Phelps and CD Swanson.

Issue 18. Julie Arduini, Elegantees, Adelle Howells, Morenike Edokpayi, Miesha Morinere, Shanna Mallon, Haley Pridgen, CD Swanson, M & M Hats and Fascinators, Beth Olson and Marijo Phelps.

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees.

Further cover design advice: CD Swanson.

Issue 19. Lee Brooks, Sheryl Griffin, Shari Weigerstorfer, Marijo Phelps, Kelly Basham, Julie Arduini, Diane Dean-White, Amanda Varty, CD Swanson, Cortney O Brien, Sherrie Coronas, Susan Ferguson and Lori Smith.

Editorial advice: DebraBee ( and Kelly Basham (

Cover model: Courtesy of Elegantees.

Issue 20. Lee Brooks, Marijo Phelps, Julie Arduini, Haley Pridgen, Sade Edokpayi, Glory Kings, and Debra Bee.

Editorial advice: DebraBee (



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