New Issue #14

Issue No. 14

This was our Christmas issue and in view of the fact that Christmas is about God sending His son into the world out of love – we chose to pick up on the love theme for this issue.

The idea was to discuss fictional love, real life love and God’s love.

And God was so good that all those subjects were well covered. We interviewed  4 authors who write inspirational romance, Julie Arduini, Diane Dean-White, Mary Lamb and Rhonda McKnight.  Their interviews provided a lot of insight into their creative writing processes.

Chef Joanna Faillace shared nuggets from her 35 year marriage to her husband .

Dawn Trimble gave us permission to reprint a very interesting article she wrote titled “Shedrach, Meshach and a Billy Goat”  filled with profound  truth about God’s love.

Aity Dennis shared some beautiful thoughts about love and God’s love.

The fashion department was filled with beautiful bags, shoes and accessories, there was great Christmas food, Christmas organizing tips. It was simply an inspirational read. Bumper packed too.

Such an honour to work with everyone who contributed!

You can read Issue #14 here.



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