Issue #9

Issue No 9 - cover

The first issue for 2014! Happy New Year! A year filled with firm promises and great possibilities!

A year in which it is now possible to order prints of the magazine from issuu, the portal on which the magazine is published and deliver the magazines right from there to almost any part of the world. A great year indeed.

The inspirational posters carry the theme: “Expecting Great Things…” and we are. :)

Many thanks to all the contributors who have contributed great and uplifting content to Jasmine’s Place right from its inception.  Many thanks to organisations and charities whose work has been spotlighted in the magazine.

This issue is filled with great articles, helpful information and insightful features to inspire readers upwards and onwards with faith, hope and strength for the New Year.

You’ll find beautiful styling and beauty tips, unique home décor ideas, an insightful interview with Marion Ayonote, couture shoe designer, great encouragement for mothers, practical business advice plus a treat for one or more if you’re nice!

You can read it here: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #9




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