Issue #8

Issue No 8 cover

A bumper issue for November and December 2013, this is 60 pages of inspiring and uplifting content for women.

The inspirational posters carry the theme; “There’s No One like Him”. And indeed, you will find that theme in each of the inspirational articles. From “Angel At Midnight” which tells a true story of a  family’s timely rescue from what might have been a deadly house fire, through to “When You Forget Your Best Friend’s Name”, “Bungee Run” – there are affirmations of God’s goodness and greatness in the daily lives of women.

You’ll also find great food, two beautiful style and beauty features, an insightful interview with Teresa Ortiz, a veteran of 28 years in business, as well as lovely interior decoration tips.

The community features include a feature on CAP, an award winning debt relief charity; practical information from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and a  spotlight on “Give A Smile” – a fund raising music charity raising money for needy children around the world.

A very uplifting issue on all levels.

You can take a look at it here: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #8




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