Issue #6

Issue No 6 cover

This is the “Freedom Issue”, and that theme runs right through the magazine in the inspirational posters.

There are also threads of the “Freedom” theme in each of the inspirational articles. In “The Lesson in the Blessing”, a mother moves self-condemnation, and forward into freedom by deciding to let go of a situation she had no control over and let God.  In “Yes You Can!” and “Had Been Vs Am Now”, today’s women take decisions to  let go of the past (despite setbacks or what others might say about them or even what they may say of themselves), and move forward into their God-given dreams, plans and destinies. “You Are Not Alone” carries in it a message of hope, bringing freedom for the lonely.

All very good news indeed.

Also included is an insightful interview with Erica Hall, World Vision Child Rights Advisor, which highlights the great work World Vision is doing to curb the practice of Child Marriage around the world.

With “Summer Styling Tips”, 2 great recipes and “6 Must Have’s For Summer”, great lyrics, plus children’s books’ reviews, this is a great issue.

You can read it here: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #6



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