Issue #5

Issue No 5 cover

Issue 5 contains five inspirational stories and articles, two  great style features, reviews of books for young children, business branding tips, advice for parents of teen boys, five visual messages based on a single theme, a personal story of a mother’s experience with Cystic Fibrosis and a healthy meal for four.

A first for Jasmine’s Place in this issue was a collaboration between two contributors with Jasmine’s Place as the facilitator so to speak. It was the style article titled “Color Advice for Your Summer Wardrobe”, which features great advice from a Professional Beauty Consultant illustrated with items from Created Gifts. It was also in this issue that things were taken up a notch and the date of publication moved from the end of the month to mid-month.

Take a step back into the production of every article in this issue, and you’ll find either a connection via the web, via Social Media, through a TV programme, a radio programme or face to face. In addition to connections, lots of research and plenty of divine favour.

This issue has got many elements – it will uplift you, touch your heart, make you smile and touch home on many levels. It was a great honour to present the stores and articles in this issue. A huge  thanks to all the contributors.

You can read it here: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #5

Take care and see you soon!



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