Issue #4

Issue No 4 cover

This  was the issue where the contents began to include large inspirational posters spread across 2 pages with a single line of text. Each poster is clear and bold, and compliments the messages of hope, love and encouragement in the magazine. The posters break up the magazine into manageable sections, and at the same time, make it a cohesive whole.

The front cover design was changed in this issue and it’s a format that has continued to be used since. Greater flexibility in design was also achieved though the use of the “eyedropper” tool.

This issue contains 6 really great inspirational features and stories, 3 features (business tips, advice before you get married, and a serious/light look at new year resolutions).

It also includes one great healthy recipe, book reviews, a spotlight on the work of Love a Child who work to alleviate poverty and disease, and care for orphans, including a young orphan called Moses, who hopes to become the President of Haiti one day.

And yes, also included in the contents are some very pretty accessories.

What more can be said about Issue #4? It’s a really great issue and it was an honour to have worked with great writers and organisations on it.

You can it read it via this link: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #4



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