Issue #3

Issue No 3 cover

One short story: There were a number of images to choose from for the cover of Issue #2 – including the picture of a woman in a field.

It wasn’t used in Issue #2, and determined to use it in Issue #3 as it was  a beautiful picture, a search was made on FaithWriters for an inspiring, beautiful, story that it could illustrate.

The search was very successful as it yielded a story titled “Bubble Troubles”, which was perfect, and featured in the final publication.

This was the first time since Jasmine’s Place started that a physical image was used to point the way to a story. Usually for all the issues before Issue#3,  an article or story would come first, then the illustration for the story  would follow, not the other way round.

The twist in the tale is that another image was later found that was a more suitable illustration for the story.  So, that initial image has yet to find a “home” so to speak. Maybe it will be used in a future issue, so watch this space. :)

In addition to the story above, this issue includes 6 great inspirational features, 5 healthy meal ideas, book reviews, and 2 community features featuring the work of Puresa Humanitarian and Restored Relationships.

It’s a great issue full of inspiring features and articles. A huge thanks to all the contributors and organisations who made it happen.

You can read it via this link: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #3



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