Issue #2

Shortly after the production of Issue 1, it was time to start on Issue 2. This was going to be the November/December issue.

With some research online  + watching and listening to the right TV and radio programs at just the right time + a lot of favour,  the issue was assembled.

In addition to the inspirational features, one idea for this issue was to have a section of some great jewellery as this issue covered the Christmas celebrations. But research and requests for some jewellery to feature were futile. So the decision to move on to do some research on the next feature which was the community feature had to be made. The question was which charity would be featured ? After a while, the answer came – TearFund.

A visit to their website revealed a delightful surprise – TearFund runs an outlet called Created, which is a gift shop that promotes and sells hand-crafted beautiful Fairtrade work made by artisans in some of the world’s poorest communities. Their site had (and still has) beautiful jewellery and more. It was a win-win, Issue 2 would have a community feature and beautiful jewellery at the same time.

And so there you have it – just one story behind the production of Issue No. 2. There’ll be more in future posts.

It was an honour to work with great women and organisations on this issue.

You can read it here: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #2

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