New Issue #10

Issue No 10 cover1

It’s so great that this particular issue is published on Valentine’s Day.

The first reason is of course that we describe  Jasmine’s Place as a magazine for women wrapped in extra-special love! The second reason is  that this particular issue starts and ends with messages of love, not contrived, but from a very natural flow of thoughts.

You’ll also find great features on business, style, beauty, community action, plus helpful information for your overall wellbeing, and some great tips on how to thrive in today’s technological word.

Also included are some really great make-up ideas for spring and a unique selection of accessories available online. A healthy treat  for four awaits you too … and  yes, you can try it try it at home. :)

It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day present.  Just copy and send the link to your loved one.

To read it, visit: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #10

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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