Issue #1

Issue No 1 cover

This is the very first issue of Jasmine’s Place which was published at the very end of August 2012.

It was great to work with a team of wonderful writers on this maiden issue.

Sometimes when you step out and do something that’s been placed on your heart, you don’t have all the answers. You can only go one step at a  time. This was the case with this maiden issue.

The articles were ready, the cover was ready, but at least 5 days to publication, the magazine didn’t have a fixed name. Possible names for the magazine included “Tabitha” – a beautiful name but taken already.

“Jasmine’s Place”, the name, came about 3 days before publication.

Just in time and it’s a beautiful name too.

It’s been a wonderful journey since then.

You can read the maiden issue via this link: Jasmine’s Place – Issue #1

Hope you enjoy it!






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